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Ninja Xing is a site we have developed for a few purposes:

Primarily: To entertain.  We at Ninja Xing started working on these signs and comics a few months ago. Some of you might think them stupid, and others might think them dumb, but if we can get even a groaning chuckle out of 1/100th of the people who visit this site, it willl be considered a success.

Secondarily: As a testing ground.  This site has given me personally a great opportunity to brush up on my html, php, and soon hopefully java.  Ninja Xing is looking forward to continuing to update this site with more and more intricate features, and hopefully games!

Thank you all for coming, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

~Skry (Artist, Coder, Lover of Cheese)  [Note: The previous list is in reverse order of significance.]

So you know!
Ninja-Xing comics are read like this:
[top left right down]
In case you were wondering.

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